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Greenslade Creations - About Us

Our team includes people who are broadly skilled in graphic design, website design, writing, editing and publishing. We bring all of these skills to the table, saving you from having to work with designers who can’t spell or editors who can’t understand design workflows.

We work closely together to understand your needs, benefit from a range of viewpoints, bounce ideas around, and ultimately to deliver a high quality product to you.

Have you ever seen a brilliantly designed website that was full of typos? Have you noticed how some printed brochures are well-written but lack design quality and brand cohesion?

Your project or marketing success depends on bringing all three of these types of skills:


1.     Designy

Being “designy” is about having good visual judgement. It’s about leading the eye to the most important thing. It’s about clarity, quality, spacing, precision, excitement and ultimately a call to action.

Our designers are skilled in both print graphic design and website design. We have an illustrator on board and can also find others when a particular style is needed.

2.     Webby

Being “webby” is everything in the digital era. Businesses that are slow to catch up with Internet Marketing may find themselves outcompeted very soon. Even small, local, offline businesses such as carpenters and retail outlets are finding that being online can make the difference between being found or not.

Our team understands the web—the Internet—and has broad knowledge that includes internet marketing (SEO, PPC, social media and more), website design and maintenance, email newsletters, ebook publishing. We can write, edit, design, update, send and publish.

3.     Texty

Being “texty” is about being good with words. Reading and understanding instructions, creating meaningful briefs and project plans, writing and editing text. So much of our communication in the digital era is done via the written word. So let your words ring with possibilities. Get the effect you need in all your written communications.

We look at the world of publishing, marketing and business communication through the lens of practical skills and knowledge. Being Designy, Webby, Texty means we can cut to the chase, develop a strategy and a plan that we ourselves could implement, or that we can train you to follow through.

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About the director, Amanda Greenslade

Greenslade Creations was founded by Amanda Greenslade, a communications and multimedia professional. Amanda is a writer, editor, graphic designer, social media manager and marketing whiz. She completed a bachelor of communication majoring in writing and screen production in 2004. She is a member of the following organisations and networks:

·       The Queensland Writers' Centre 

·       The Society of Editors Queensland 

·       The Australian Society of Authors 

·       Vision Writers Group Brisbane

Amanda started Greenslade Creations in March 2006 and the projects she has worked on include book design (book cover design and book typesetting), DVD covers and DVD program graphics, websites, articles, magazine and journal layout, logos, copyediting for business, novel submission editing, short story editing, children’s book layout, ebook design, powerpoint slide design, video recording and video editing.

Our team’s experience extends far beyond these projects into a wide variety of print and web design, writing and editing skills.

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Payment options and rate of pay

Greenslade Creations accepts payment by direct transfer, cheque or PayPal. We are registered for GST. We usually charge by the hour, but for certain kinds of projects we will provide a quote.

Please contact us to find out about our hourly rate or to request a quote.


Working at Greenslade Creations

If you are interested in working with Greenslade Creations please submit your cover letter, resume and portfolio of works or experience list to us by email. You will need to be able to travel to Coopers Plains, on Brisbane’s south side to work with us.


“Many thanks for all your help. I'm sure this will be the first of many such projects we get to work on.”

—David Latta

“We were very happy with the quality of work, competitive pricing and excellent customer service we received from Greenslade Creations. Amanda gave us regular updates about the progress of her work and delivered our eBook to us ahead of schedule.”

—Lucie Stevens, Australian Society of Authors