Book Design

Greenslade Creations offers the full range of book design services including:

  • Project coordination (publishing and printing)
  • Book layout—formatting of the interior
  • Book cover design (also jacket flap design)
  • eBook design
  • Book manuscript appraisals and editing


Book Layout

Book layout or typesetting is an art that involves good workflow, a consistent design and experience working with paragraphs and page flow. The best typesetting is not noticeable when you read a book. Book layout designers are aware of and take meticulous care with the following:

  • Page layout, including headings and numbering 
  • Widows and orphans 
  • Alignment and justification 
  • Hyphenation, including no break between some words that should never be auto-hyphenated 
  • Text wrapping 
  • Image quality 
  • Caption layout 
  • Contents and indices 
  • Using paragraph and character styles for ease of changing later and for converting to ePub 

Greenslade Creations has experience with countless variations of page layout and we are skilled in all of the above areas. From cookbooks to children's books, from magazines to text books, from novels to non-fiction books, Greenslade Creations can look after your book production project from start to finish. We always use a proper workflow that includes, for example, setting up our projects with paragraph styles in Adobe InDesign, so it is as efficient as possible to make stylistic changes later.


Designing Book Covers

Your book cover needs to be impacting. It is possibly the most important decision you will make in the marketing plan for your book, as people do judge a book by its cover. If your budget allows, we will design a book cover for you that includes:

  • Unique, genre-specific, relevant imagery
  • Exciting, classy, readable text
  • Printed books usually work best with a full wrap design, from back to spine to front
  • Ebook covers require larger text and elements to be visible as thumbnails

If you have your own imagery and ideas for your cover already, we can work within your requirements. In fact many of the covers you will see in the Our Work section have been a mixture of these two facets, 1) our design approach and opinions, 2) the customer's preferences and limitations (time/budget etc.).


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“Many thanks for all your help. I'm sure this will be the first of many such projects we get to work on.”

—David Latta

“We were very happy with the quality of work, competitive pricing and excellent customer service we received from Greenslade Creations. Amanda gave us regular updates about the progress of her work and delivered our eBook to us ahead of schedule.”

—Lucie Stevens, Australian Society of Authors