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Mistakes in a web article look sloppy and may cause your website to receive a lower trust factor in Google. Typos, misspellings or lack of cohesion in academic writing may prevent you from achieving your education goals. Errors in a business marketing piece may result in entire print-runs having to be tossed out.

A lack of editing is costly. Let's face it! For a worthwhile investment now you can avoid embarrasing and expensive problems later.

And as for books, well, after putting so much effort into writing your manuscript, the last thing you want is to send it to a publisher—or, worse, to print or ebook—with mistakes in it.

Over at Australian eBook Publisher, the same team you love at Greenslade Creations has published nearly 500 books. We usually tell customers who enquire about editing that they should go for as many rounds of editing as they can afford.

To be specific to each piece of writing, we need to see the writing in question, then we can provide a quote.

We offer 15–30 mins of free editing for a new customer with a project at least 30,000 words long. This helps determine which editor here may be the right editor for you, what type of editing is needed and how long it is likely to take. We can then also offer a quote for the project.

When one of our editors does a sample edit, she usually likes to look at the beginning and a section from the middle to ensure your work is ready for editing, and what type. We offer discounts for students as we are expert thesis editors and can also proofread academic papers and journal articles. For works of fiction and non-fiction intended for publication as books we offer manuscript assessment via Australian eBook Publisher.

Please contact us or send your entire manuscript to [amanda] @ [], after first removing the square brackets and spaces from the email address, so that one of our editors can provide a quote. Your IP is safe with us. We will not use it other than to provide a quote, or the services you contract us to provide later.

Please also inform us of your target market and what form of English your work should be written in (US or British/Australian English).

Creative Project Management Team Brisbane

Greenslade Creations are an experienced team of project managers for creative projects. With every employee having hands on writing, editing, graphic design, illustration and website coding skills, their project management approach is practical and efficient. Our broad experience means we can provide:

  • book publishing project management
  • software development project management
  • small business set-up, procedure set-up and training, documentation and management consultation
  • assistance to entrepreneurial projects and ideas
  • small business marketing and communication services
  • social media marketing organic page management


Whether you're a new organisation or a well-established one, you need all your communications to have that extra Zap and Zazz that helps your target market get the right information the right way. Greenslade Creations is here to help you with all your text, design and web needs. This includes things like:

  • Marketing plans and execution
  • Editing books, websites and business communications
  • Designing brochures, books, business cards and websites
  • Social media communications
  • Branding or rebranding

An agency based in Brisbane, Greenslade Creations is dedicated to providing affordable, personal, friendly service to Australian businesses, organisation and individuals.


Editing - Greenslade Creations

Writing needs to be specific, clear and creative in order to keep readers interested. Your words need to be concise and provide value.

Greenslade Creations offers copywriting services, which includes things like:

  • Writing business copy for marketing purposes (brochure writing, website copywriting etc.)
  • Writing articles for your search engine optimisation efforts 
  • Ghost-writing your manual, book, autobiography etc.
  • Typing up or writing correspondence for personal or business purposes 
  • HR documentation and forms 
  • Book blurbs and book marketing text

Ask any book publishing or marketing questions you like of our Managing Director, Amanda Greenslade and she will answer you on one of our many communication channels. Check out our:

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