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Hi! My name is Amanda Greenslade and I am a professional editor and graphic designer. I have been in management roles since 2006, including running my own business, Australian eBook Publisher and Greenslade Creations. As an employer, I know what other employers are looking for in most cases, however I am not an expert on every industry, so may need some guidance from you about what is normal for your industry or profession.

My primary services and experience are not limited to resumes. I will not bring you training information about cover letters, resume writing or sample resumes, however I do have all the information in my office that I need, and am an expert at formatting of Microsoft Word documents. I can set-up or update your resume for you and provide both Word and PDF files you will be able to update yourself if you have basic computer skills. If not, you can always come back to me for additional changes at my hourly rate and my minimum increment.


  • I charge $70/hr+GST
  • My minimum charging increment is one hour
  • Services are usually billed up front

In other words, if it takes 1.25 hrs to complete your job, it will be charged at 2 hrs ($140+GST). Most resumes take a minimum of 2 hrs and 3–4 hrs is more reasonable to allow a couple of drafts and changes.

Face-to-face Meetings

Unless you have nothing at all in terms of a resume, we do not need to meet. I can format, edit, design and update resumes most speedily at my office. I will need information written down (typed in an email), not told to me face-to-face, therefore the only reason to meet would be if you have nothing to go on. In that case, meetings are charged at $70+GST and include my travel time and up to 45 mins of time at a café on the south side of Brisbane. Building a resume from scratch, subsequent to meetings, will involve multiple phone calls, emails and possibly more than one meeting. This is likely to take a minimum of 5 hours ($350+GST) depending on your work history.

What we have to work with

Please email me the Microsoft Word document of your most up-to-date resume along with a list of things you want changed, and a list of things you’re not sure about and need help with. If you do not have a Word doc, but do have a PDF, please note there will be at least an extra hour of work to reformat from PDF to a working Microsoft Word document. If you have only a print-out, I can scan and OCR your resume or re-type it to re-build a Microsoft Word document. This will take a minimum of 2 hours extra.

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