SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising

First of all you have to have a website that:

  • Is SEO-friendly
  • Is Mobile responsive
  • Is fast to load
  • Is clear and easy to navigate
  • Has Google Analytics installed
  • Has a call to action on every page that can be goal-tracked

Once your website achieves the above then we can implement an ongoing SEO strategy. To achieve this optimally we have local marketing managers who work with a team in India to keep website design and Search Engine Optimisation affordable.

How much?

We charge $300+GST per month for a minimum of six months, billed up front every two months. The goal is usually to get your business on page one (preferably in the top five results) for the keyword phrases you think are most relevant for your target market.

There may be other businesses already competing for these keyword phrases so, depending on the competition for the keywords you're choosing, SEO can take 6 months or more to bring up a new website into page one on Google.

What if I need new business now?

For a small business, usually Pay Per Click is a good additional step to take in your online marketing plan, at least at first. You will need at least $600+GST per month for PPC (this includes a small amount of our time and the budget to run the ads). Any less than this and you are not likely to see any significant results. Spending too little may give the false impression that it does not work, but we need this minimum budget to test out what keywords work best for you. Later, it may be possible to decrease it. Please go to the Google Keyword Planner ( if you have time and play around with some keyword phrases you think might be relevant to people wanting to use your business. You will be able to see what is being searched and what the competition level is like.

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