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Greenslade Creations offers graphic design for print and web.

Our design work is:

Some rules are there for a reason, others can be broken. We foster creativity by:

  • Regular brain training exercises to help with spontaneity and creative thinking
  • Asking questions, of each other and of you
  • Brainstorming and trying not to squash each other's ideas
  • Listening to you and to each other

The amount of space between elements in a design can make or break it. While we do need to balance the opinions of the customer and the efficiency required in a job, we also aim for precision, especially when it comes to things like colours, text formatting, fonts and placement of elements in a design.

No matter what we are designing it is meant to have some kind of impact. This may be drawing in a customer to buy your product or making a sales presentation impress your audience. Impact is achieved by focusing on that wow factor. After the actual text and images are in place. our designers are trained to take a step back and look at the design with a big picture point of view. Sometimes it takes one of our editors or a designer other than the original designer to achieve this, as two heads are better than one.

Our priorities are:

  • Efficiency—for our sake and yours.
  • Readability—if there's text in your design, it needs to be readable.
  • Branding cohesion—your company's branding and marketing strategy reflected in every design.
  • Visual appeal—attractive, unique, interesting, modern, eye-catching, appropriate.
  • Accuracy—everyone makes mistakes, but Greenslade Creations hopes to minimise them, whether they're yours or ours.

If there's something you need designed. contact us now for a quote. We work in Adobe Creative Suite in a mixed PC and Mac environment. Below are just some of the many print design projects we can create for you:

  • Cutting images out of their backgrounds (also known as masking, clipping path, deep etching, and creating transparent background)
  • Dust cleaning, spot cleaning (Eg. restoring and repairing old photos)
  • Colour correction, black and white, light and shadows etc.
  • Beauty retouching, skin retouching, face retouching, body retouching
  • Boudoir, fashion/beauty image retouching
  • Product image retouching
  • Jewellery image retouching
  • Real estate image retouching
  • House facade illustration, colouring etc.
  • Portrait image retouching
  • Designing logos, slogans and vector art (eg. sports, racing, car and bicycle labels)
  • Cartoon illustration

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Form Graphic Design:
As print and web designers with editing abilities and user interface Design Thinking we can provide the specialised service of form design for all types of forms. Depending on your needs we can help come up with a solution that works well for your customers and for you. For example we can:

  • Design forms for print
  • Edit text in forms to make them user-friendly
  • Setup interactive Microsoft Word forms (form fields)
  • Design interactive PDF forms
  • Design and implement web-forms

Contact us for a quote on your forms project today.

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